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Working at Studio Aisslinger - industrial design made in Berlin

The future of design
Designing at the beginning of the 21st century will overcome the stylish minimalism of the last decade, with its inovation based purely on shape. Instead, there will be a return to parameters that have always been the basis of new epochs and dimensions in design: the sophisticated use of new materials and technologies. Historically, exciting, visionary and pioneering designs have always rested on the transformation of materials and technology into a new context.

Today’s lightning-speed technological advancements have led to the appearance of three-dimensional fibreglass, gels, aluminium foam, three-dimensional textiles and neoprenes from which entirely new products can be created. Aesthetically, the design of these future products will be utilitarian, organic, reduced, soft, puristic, poetic, modular and nomadic.

As we are facing a next step in the evolution of the economic world – the event society or event economy – the products of the future will combine functional aspects with certain built-in event facilities. Eventually the act of experiencing products will become more important than functional or technical considerations and designers will have to be ever more sensitive to the dialogue between emotions and technology.

The distribution of products will also alter radically within the next 5 to 10 years: Every single product will have a small chip inside, that will – whenever you focus it via wireless communication – show on the display of your cellular phone name, producer, distributer and the opportunity for orders right away



The works of the designer Werner Aisslinger born 1964 cover the spectrum of experimental, artistic approaches, including industrial design and architecture. He delights in making use of the latest technologies and has helped introduce new materials and techniq ues to the world of product design like in his uniquegel furniture with the collection“soft cell“ and the chaise „soft“ for zanotta in 2000. The „Juli chair (cappellini)“ was the first item of furniture to use a new type of foam called „polyurethane integral foam“ and became the first German chair design to be selected as a permanent exhibit at the MoMA in New York since 1964. In the process he has created striking designs and received awards from all over the world — from Milan’s Compasso d’Oro to the Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Red Dot Award or FX Award in the UK. Werner Aisslinger´s „loftcube“–project became one of the most discussed modular and transportable housing projects within the last years.

His work is exhibited in the permanent collections of international museums such as the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the French Fonds National d´Art Contemporain in Paris, the Museum Neue Sammlung in Munich, and the Vitra Design Museum in Weil, Germany.
Werner Aisslinger lives and works in Berlin.

clients & projects:
werner aisslinger has been developping furniture with Italian brands like cappellini, zanotta, magis and porro or office furniture with vitra in Switzerland. He works on product designs and architectural projects with brands like interlübke, Mercedes-Benz, adidas, IC-Berlin, Marc´o Polo, Bombay Saphire, FSB, thonet, flötotto, berker, Hugo Boss, Younicos i.e.


Museum collections

Objects in permanent collections, from Studio Aisslinger

Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Designcollection Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein, Germany
Neue Sammlung, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany
Museum of Applied Arts, Zürich, Switzerland
Permanent Collection MoMA, Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA
Neue Sammlung, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany
Museum of Applied Arts, Berlin, Germany
Neue Sammlung, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany
Permanent Collection Metropolitan Museum, New York USA
Fonds National d’Art Contemporain, Paris, France
Designcollection Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein, Germany
Designcollection Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein, Germany
Permanent Collection MoMA, Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA
Neue Sammlung, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany


Studio Awards

Awarded projects by Werner Aisslinger from 1992 until now

»German Design Award 2016 – PAD collection«

»Good Design Award, Chicago – for PAD & CHAIRMAN (conmoto)«
»ADD for Flötotto – IF product design GOLD award«
»ADD for Flötotto – Interior Innovation Award«
»ADD for Flötotto – German design Award ´14«
»Bikini Wood Chair – for Moroso – Best of the Year 2013, contract seating by Interior Deswign Award, USA«
»Chairman – for Conmoto – Red Dot Award: Produkt Design«
»Pad Box – for Conmoto – Red Dot Award: Produkt Design«
»German Design Award Nomination – „dome“ jewellery colecction for Biegel, Germany«
»if Gold Award – „ADD“ for Flötotto«
»Winner Interior Innovation Award – „ADD“ for Flötotto«
»Winner GERMAN DESIGN AWARD – „loungechair DS 144“ for De Sede«
» Interior Design Award New York – Best of year 2013 -„bikini wood-chair“, contract seating«

Lounge Chair DS 144 «
»ADI design index – nomination – wing chair«
»GOOD DESIGN Award – Berker R.1+ R.3 + R.classic – switch and socket outlet«
»GOOD DESIGN Award – Berker R.1+R.3 Touch Sensor KNX«
»Red Dot Award – Berker R.1+R.3 Touch Sensor KNX«
»Red Dot Award´s – Berker R.1+ R.3 + R.classic – switch and socket outlet«
»German Design Award – Nominee for LEMA Wing Chair«
»German Design Award – Special Mention for Berker R.1«
»German Design Award – Nominee for Berker R.3 and R.classic«
»IF Award´s 2013 for Berker R.1 + R.3 + R.classic + R.1 Touch Sensor KNX«

Iconograph «
»red dot award 2012 for Behive«
»ICON Awards – Winner 2012 with Hemp Chair for Moroso, London«
»ADI Design Index Award for Behive«
»Design Museum, London – Award: Designs of the Year nominated 2012«
»red dot for Communicator Refrigerator Changhong, China«
»red dot for Iconograph watch for Lorenz, Milano«
»red dot for behive lamp for foscarini«

»red dot – Best of the Best – with YILL for Younicos AG«
»red dots for 2 TV´s for Changhong Industries«
»red dot for Laminat Edition 1 „Gel“ and „Mesh“«

»European Hotel Design Awards Winner
with Michelberger Hotel, London«

»Mejor Diseño de Luminaria, Barcelona, for dab „tree series“ Recognition from the Selci association, to the best product of lightning 2008 made in Spain«

»Hotel of The Year, Expo Real, Munich, for „hotel daniel“«
»Red Dot Award, Essen, for „loop“«

FX Award UK „Best System Furniture“, London, for „level34“, Vitra«

»Premio compasso d´Oro, Milan, for „plus unit“«
»Red Dot Award, Essen, for „cube“«

»Red Dot Award, Essen, for „plus unit“«

»Compasso `d Oro-selection, Milano, for „soft chaise“«
»Selection Centre Georges Pompidou „Carrefour de la création“, Paris, for „soft chaise“«

»ADI Design Index, Milan, for „soft chaise“«
»Red Dot Award, Essen, for „x-table“«

»Selection bio 17- design biennale, Ljubljana, with „soft cell“«
»Blueprint 100 % Design Award, Lodon, for „soft chaise“«

»Selection bio 16 – design biennale, Ljubljana, with „juli chair“«

»Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany, German Design Council, Frankfurt, for „endless shelf“«

»Compasso `d Oro-selection, Milan, for „endless shelf“«

»Design-selection Red Dot Award, Essen, for „endless shelf“«
»Wogg Design Preis, Zürich for „x-system“«

»Design Plus, Frankfurt, for „otto chair“«


Nic Chair

In permanent collection of MoMA